10 Surprising Interesting Facts About The Movie “Crime Busters”.


Interesting facts about the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill classic The Sleuths
The Outlaws (original title: I due superpiedi quasi piatti) is a full-length Italian comedy presented in 1977, starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The film was directed by E.B. Written and directed by Clucher, with music by Guido and Maurizio de Angelis. It was shown in cinemas in Italy on April 6, 1977, and in Hungary on June 20, 1989.

1. After the phenomenal success of The Devil’s Right and Left Hand, Barboni had a lot of new ideas and both viewers and filmmakers agreed that the duo should continue with new films. In 1976, there was no longer a demand for spaghetti westerns, so a different genre had to be tried, although Crime Busters does not completely deviate from the western style. Barboni also said that the police in big American cities are like cowboys: they have guns and fight for justice, as is customary in American westerns. Crime Busters, on the other hand, carries the clichés of Italian westerns, as the two protagonists become police officers against their will and strive to get rich quickly and retire quickly.
2. He won an award at the Golden Sreen for Crime Hunters in 1978.

3. The film was made relatively far from Italy, in Miami, in the United States. It would have been much more expensive to film in Europe, because then the sets would have had to be built separately. At the time, the construction of the sets for spaghetti westerns also consumed a lot of money in Italy and Spain, but since this genre was also considered a competitor of the Americans, among other things, at that time it would not have been appropriate to travel to America to film westerns, where the genre had already begun to fade
4. The sports stadium where they fight with Geronimo’s gang is the Miami Orange Bowl stadium.

5. Filming permits were obtained by the Italian crew in the states, but the police were not informed. In one of the scenes where Hill and Spencer are racing through Miami in a police car, with guns at their sides, he quickly made it clear to the people there that they weren’t real police, so they called the surrounding police. Spencer then told his partner to get out quickly and put their hands on the hood until the police got there. When the police left, they immediately cleared up the misunderstanding.


6. Bud Spencer told me in 2002 that Hill works very precisely, which is almost his obsession, while he does everything by instinct, so they had minor disagreements, although this never broke their friendship. The minor conflicts quickly settled down, because the couple was happy to be able to work together, namely under the guidance of Barboni, who understood their sense of humor the best.
7. Although the film was mostly shot in America, they returned to Italy to shoot one interior scene. The bowling alley wrestling was also filmed in Rome in seven days. During the filming, Hill suffered a minor head injury, so the filming had to be stopped for a while.

8. The performances of some supporting characters also deserve special attention: among them is Ezio Marano from Lombardy, who also appeared in The Devil’s Right and Left Hand. in the movie, playing Ferret. The highlight of Marano’s acting career is the theater, where he played fragile, withdrawn characters. His participation in westerns and action comedies as a negative character can be called the maddening search for variety in Italian filmmaking. In the film, Marano plays the hooligan gang leader who brandishes a pistol, but one slap from Spencer is enough for him to knock him out for good and not take part in the fight anymore. All of this is a caricature of the sensitive personality portrayed very well by Marano elsewhere.

9. The movie “Crime Busters” was filmed in 1976, but it was only shown in the USA around 1979/1980 and was also 17 minutes shorter.
10. The production has three English titles: “Crime Busters”, “Trinity: In Trouble Again” and “Two Supercops”.