10 Surprising Interesting Facts About The Movie My Name Is Nobody


Interesting facts about the movie Nevem Neki
Terence Hill and Henry Fonda star in the 1973 Western comedy Nevem Senki, an Italian-French-German co-production. Ennio Morricone provided the soundtrack for the movie, which was directed by Tonino Valerii and produced by Claudio Mancini and Sergio Leone. Ernesto Gastaldi, Fulvio Morsella, and Sergio Leone wrote the screenplay. If you haven’t heard of Unstoppable before, you may read some fascinating facts about it in the article we’ve included below.
1. Sergio Leone, the director of Once Upon a Time in the Wild West, came up with the basic idea, he directed some scenes himself and was also a producer. Leone directed the opening scene (as in A Genius…) and the final showdown, but he was not happy when the film was advertised with his name.
2. In Italy, it was shown in cinemas on December 20, 1973, while in Hungary, more than 7 years later, on July 9, 1981, it was shown on television with a new dubbing on RTL Klub on January 19, 2001.

3. Henry Fonda, who brought Charles Bronson’s nemesis Frank to life, now plays a tired, aging pistol hero who just wants to finally disappear and live out his old days peacefully. (It is interesting that, according to the film, Jack is only 51 years old – maybe this was considered old age at the time?)
4. Terence Hill considers this his best film.


5. It was previously believed that Terence Hill provided the voice of László Ujréti in the original dubbed version, but an old film copy uploaded to the Internet revealed that Sándor Oszter was the Hungarian voice.

6. Nevem Neki was Henry Fonda’s last western.

7. Some interesting supporting characters: Steve Kanaly (Dallas Ray), Neil Summers (here he’s The Squirrel, and in WrestleMania until Christmas he’s the guy who always gets involved with the two main characters).

8. The music is scored by Ennio Morricone, who parodies his previous works in sync with the basic idea of the film: the music of the Wild West, and in its style, a part of Wagner’s Valkyries ride is played several times in false tones.

9. In the funeral scene, the name on one of the headboards belongs to Sam Peckinpah, who is also called by the name of the One Hundred and Fifty Horsemen. (The wild gang is one of Peckinpah’s legendary creations.)
10. László Ujréti claimed in a 2002 TV2 interview that he was approached for re-dubbing the movie but turned it down due to his advanced age. This also occurred with his previous three movies. For these movies, Terence Hill was dubbed by Zoltán Rátóti.