‘Darkest Days’ Meri And Kody Brown’S Child Leon Makes A Painful Confession About His Life While Estranged From His Father


LEON Brown has opened up about their childhood in a new post amid the recent estrangement from their father, Kody.

The only child of Sister Wives stars Meri, 52, and Kody, 54, attended a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

The TLC star took to Instagram over the weekend to commemorate the experience of seeing Joy Oladokun and Brandi Carlile perform live. Leon, 28, attended the show alongside their partner Audrey Kriss, who they secretly wed in October 2022. They shared a carousel of photos of the artists on stage as well as them crying and smiling while listening to the music.

“Joy’s music has gotten me through some of my darkest days,” Leon wrote in their caption, adding: “I sobbed watching them play ‘somehow’ at red rocks.”

Leon continued to explain how much Joy’s music changed their life while making a confession about their childhood.

“As a queer kid who was also raised in a church that taught me to hate myself, joy’s music deeply resonates with me,” Leon said.

“I can’t really think of words other than— thank you, joy, for creating art so life-affirming & hope giving, your music has truly changed my life.”


The U.S. Sun exclusively learned last month that Kody h as no relationship with his transgender child. Leon came out as trans in June 2022 and distanced themself from the TLC family earlier this year. The former reality star has been estranged from their father since getting gender-affirming surgery.


A family source told The U.S. Sun that Kody “does not support Leon’s transition at all,” adding: “He’s actually disgusted by it, as terrible as that is.” The insider continued: “Kody is telling close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl that I raised.’

“They don’t have a relationship anymore, and because of it, it has affected his relationship with Meri, 100 percent.”

Despite Kody’s decision, Leon’s mother has continued to stand by their side.

“Leon is her only child, and she wasn’t going to disown them.

“She will pick Leon over Kody every day,” the source said in terms of Meri’s stance.

Meri has continued to openly support Leon, even making a recent video to clap back at criticism regarding her choices in the matter.

Kody and Leon, however, have made it clear on social media that their relationship is no more and have even stopped following one another on Instagram.