A New Book Honors Legendary Actor And Filmmaker Clint Eastwood.


Calling all admirers of the renowned actor, singer, and director Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood is the subject of the brand-new unofficial and unauthorized book “Clint Eastwood: The Iconic Filmmaker and his Work” by Ian Nathan.

The hardback book is packaged nicely so you may display it on your shelf. The book itself walks readers through Eastwood’s professional career and the ways in which his movies have influenced culture, audiences, and even the man himself. Additionally, it briefly detours to Eastwood playing the mayor of California’s Carmel-by-the-Sea. Many people assume that the man is just a movie producer, whether he is in front of or behind the camera. However, he has a strong moral compass, which motivated him to run for and win the mayor of Carmel position.

Having become frustrated with the politics and red tape in the town, Eastwood threw his hat into the ring. He said in his acceptance speech, “I would like to think that we can now take the community out of the hands of the few and put it in the hands of the many, the people of Carmel.” He didn’t want to be called “mayor.” He said just to call him “Clint.”

The book includes picture after picture of stills from Eastwood’s many films, which make it a good coffee table book to set down and flip through the pages to look at the photos. But besides the images, there is an interesting and enlightening narrative that takes readers into the life and work of the iconic movie star.

Reading through the pages, it is clear this man knows his job and does it brilliantly. He isn’t one for fussing around. He gets right into it and gives it everything he has.

There are some fascinating insights and facts on how Eastwood became the huge star that he is, in addition to an examination of the different parts he played and directed (as of this writing, he has officially retired). The fact that Frank Sinatra was originally chosen to play Dirty Harry is not widely known. Is it possible to picture him saying, “Make my day”? Sinatra would have been “Dirty Harry” brandishing the most potent weapon in the world if it weren’t for him getting hurt on “The Manchurian Candidate.” Wow, Eastwood was experiencing bad luck at that time. He was propelled into the upper echelons of legendary figures by Harry Callahan.

As a director, he is hands-on and even has the cameras rolling while rehearsing. Sometimes he sees a special aspect during rehearsal that he uses in the film.

Without an inflated ego, Eastwood, for the most part, doesn’t surround himself with guards or drivers. He has driven himself to the airport, doesn’t take an entourage with him, and regards himself as a normal human being (which is what we all are, actors included). But unlike others in the industry, Eastwood is too down-to-earth to fall into the trap of creating a fuss about himself. (Personal note: I was at an event where Eastwood was and he did not have people fending off other people. As a matter of fact, he stood right in the middle of a group and talked with them without hesitation.)


Music is very important to the actor, and having the right score for his films was a top priority. The music of Eastwood films is an important element to the movies and to the actor. He made sure every aspect of his films was perfect, and that included the music.

“Why does one star endure and another fade?” pondered Nathan in the book. Well, the answer to that will definitely be found by book readers. In addition to having a great deal of acting talent, knowing what works best as a producer, and not having an inflated ego, Eastwood is also amiable to both men and women. He possesses the strengths that have propelled him to the pinnacle of achievement as well as a moral compass that shines through both on and off the screen.

From his iconic Westerns to his romantic leads (“The Bridges of Madison County”) to his adventurist characters (“Space Cowboys”) and more, Eastwood always played his age. Unlike many actors who refuse to age in films, Eastwood deserves credit for creating characters that reflect his age. And when he was solely behind the camera, the films he directed always had compelling characters of various ages (“Breezy”).

This book will make Eastwood fans and those who just like his movies more knowledgeable about everything Eastwood. And with the holidays just around the bend, this would make a wonderful present for any Eastwood fan or movie aficionado. Seeing all the movies where this one individual built a name for himself in front of or behind the camera is eye-opening. It would be an understatement to say he has skill. It is the necessary book about every facet of his career because it goes into such great detail about so many of his movies.

Sept. 12 saw the publication of the book.