After Blasting Tom Cruise, Thandiwe Newton Wants To Expose Dark Secrets Of Sandra Bullock Starrer Crash When She Passes Away


Thandiwe Newton wants to expose what happened with her on the casting couch of Crash after her death

Tom Cruise undoubtedly has a lot of influence in the Hollywood business. He frequently employs it to assist others. He has accomplished a great deal of things as an actor during the course of his career. In certain instances, he overextended himself, earning accolades from both directors and actors. There is no denying that Cruise is one of the most well-known performers, whether it is due to the many awards he has received or the size of his fan base.

One of his co-stars, Thandiwe Newton had a rough time growing her career in Hollywood. Whether it was the biggest movie or one that starred some of the most renowned stars, difficulties have followed her regardless. A matter that she raised was of her time while on the casting couch for Sandra Bullock’s Crash. Newton claims that those secrets will be revealed once she passes away.

Thandiwe Newton Struggled on the Casting Couch of Sandra Bullock’s Movie

Thandiwe Newton discussed her struggles in a Vulture interview, describing how they were for some of the most horrifying reasons imaginable. She also found herself on the casting couch for Sandra Bullock’s Crash. She won’t tell anyone about the incident until after she has passed away because it was anything but pleasant.
“There’s the repulsive incident involving the casting couch. On my deathbed, my little black book will be published, she continued. “While I’m still alive, I’m not doing it. I don’t want to cope with the consequences or hearing everyone’s side of the story. When you’re being sexually abused, there is no other side to the tale. You renounce it.

She stated that it was important for her to spill these secrets only after her passing so as to ensure that no other person tries to tell their own side of the story. She elaborated on how when one is abused in a way she was, no other side of the story matters.
Thandiwe Newton Sees Tom Cruise as a Man with Pressure


While speaking with Vulture, Thandiwe Newton even talked about Tom Cruise and how she found herself to be afraid of him. It was because of his aura and just how much he puts on his shoulders when it comes to the projects he works on. The actress elaborated that his need to excel in everything is because of the pressure he takes on himself.
“Tom terrified me so much. He has a strong sense of dominance. He makes a lot of effort to behave nicely. But the strain. He accepts a lot. And I believe he believes that he alone is capable of performing each task to the highest standard. There was once a scene with him and me on the balcony while we were filming this night scene. There were a ton of extras present, along with pyrotechnics and everything else you could imagine. Additionally, I didn’t believe the sequence was particularly well written. I am enraged with him. We are irritated with one another.
According to Newton, he even went so far as two practice lines in each other’s roles during the filming of Mission: Impossible 2 because he could better navigate the way she was speaking her lines in order for him to deliver his own.