Clint Eastwood Had A Personal Reason To Cherish His Oscar Win Despite His Anti-Semitic Comments Against Academy


Clint Eastwood has had a complicated relationship with the Oscars!

In addition to his acting talent, Clint Eastwood is a legendary figure in Hollywood due to his exceptional storytelling abilities. The Dirty Harry star has earned enough recognition through numerous nominations and victories to show that he is well-deserving of the recognition he has been accorded over the years. Nevertheless, the actor has made some quite alarming remarks in the past despite his enormous notoriety.

Although the actor-director had allegedly spoken antisemitic things about the Academy Awards committee in the past, he accepted and relished the moment for a very personal reason when he won his first Oscar.

Clint Eastwood’s Reason For Cherishing His First Oscar

It has been decades since Clint Eastwood made his debut in Hollywood and ever since then he has been unstoppable. A recipient of numerous accolades and maker of multiple successful movies, the actor-director once had expressed his reservations about Academy Awards, even before he won his first-ever nomination.

Even though some branded him as anti-Semitic for remarks he made about the Academy, he later received his first-ever nomination at the age of 62. He received a nomination for Best Actor and an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for his film Unforgiven. The actor was able to bring his mother Ruth Wood to the ceremony, which was a very personal cause for him to be happy about his first nomination and win (via Parade), despite his previous remarks.

“It was nice, I guess. The nicest thing was that I got to take my mother to the Oscars. I’d been successful as a movie director and actor but not as successful in that kind of hoopla. So that was fun. I got to take her, and I still remember that. The trophies are tucked away in the house somewhere.”


Stated the director when asked if he even cared at that point about awards like the Oscars for he was already a pretty successful filmmaker at that point.

What Alleged Anti-Semitic Comments Did Clint Eastwood Make?

At the age of sixty-two, Clint Eastwood was nominated for his first Oscar. Despite never having won an Academy Award, he was already a well-known actor and director, having both directed and appeared in a number of beloved films. However, the actor was rumored to have claimed in Patrick McGilligan’s biography of him, Clint: The Life and Legend of Clint Eastwood, published before he had received an Oscar nomination or won one.

“I will never win an Oscar and do you know why? First of all, because I’m not Jewish. Secondly, because I make too much money for those old farts in the Academy. Thirdly, and most importantly, because I don’t give a f**k.”

His comments were understood by many as anti-semitic. However, things began to change for soon he went on to earn multiple Oscar nominations in the subsequent years after his first win with Unforgiven.