Clint Eastwood Hated One Of His Movies So Much He Wanted To Quit While Shooting


Despite grossing $31.6 million against a budget of $20 million, “Paint Your Wagon” didn’t manage to win Clint Eastwood over.

One of Hollywood’s most illustrious careers belongs to Clint Eastwood. Eastwood has repeatedly defied convention to advance novel concepts, from redefining Western dramas with his renowned portrayal of the Man with No Name in the Dollars Trilogy to examining intricate relationships between parents and children in a novel way as the director of Million Dollar Baby.

While his interviews and performances effectively convey his conviction and dedication to his work, every career has an oddity. Filming Joshua Logan’s Paint Your Wagon revealed Eastwood’s lack of conviction for a different style of work.

Why Clint Eastwood Came Close to Quitting Joshua Logan’s Movie

Clint Eastwood was a go-to actor for directors making Western-themed films at the height of his popularity. Throughout his career, the ninety-three-year-old star in up to fifteen Western films, leaving viewers in awe of his physical strength, toughness, and gunmanship. Therefore, it stands to reason that Paint Your Wagon (1969), a nother Western, would be a rather simple undertaking for him. But the Joshua Logan-helmed film was also a musical, with Eastwood starring opposite Lee Marvin in the tale of two lovers who fell in love with the same woman in a gold rush mining town in California. The film marked the actor’s first foray into a musical, and because of the nature of the experience, it ended up being his last.
He told the Empire:


“I was crazy enough to try anything. I’ve always been interested in music, my father was a singer and I had some knowledge of it. Although what I was doing in that picture was not singing.”

As the script, which originally featured an inter-ethnic romance, went through several rewrites, Eastwood nearly quit.

“I was away shooting Where Eagles Dare, and they flew over (Alan Jay Lerner and director Joshua Logan) and talked me back,” he revealed.

The movie failed to shine at the box office, grossing $31.6 million against a budget of $20 million. Meanwhile, Eastwood’s interview in 2017 suggested that even nearly 40 years later the film didn’t manage to win him over.

Clint Eastwood’s Voice Inspired Morgan Freeman During Million Dollar Baby

While Eastwood’s singing didn’t manage to attract moviegoers to Paint Your Wagon, his strong and enigmatic voice has always been the subject of fascination for his colleagues. During the filming of Million Dollar Baby back in 2004, Morgan Freeman, who’s known for having a God-like voice, tried to emulate Eastwood’s voice. He told NPR:

“When we went into a makeshift studio and I had the script and we just laid it down, sort of like a timing track. And I always watch Clint get this voice that he uses in the movies. So, I decided on this with I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to get a Clint Eastwood voice. So, I did it. I just made it about as raspy as I could finally get it. And that was the – I like the quality of that voice.”

In the same interview, Eastwood admitted that he was impressed with the way Freeman voiced Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris, who needed a rough voice to convey the story of his worn-out life.