Crazy Rumors On Tom Cruise And Jada Smith Come Out After She Made Her Secrets With Will Smith Public


According to a source, Tom Cruise and Jada Smith have the potential to be the next big Hollywood couple as the actress lavishes praise on Cruise. Recently, Jada Pinkett Smith disclosed that she and Will Smith have been leading separate lifestyles for seven years in her memoir Worthy, which was published on October 17. She claims that the reason they parted was because they “were just exhausted with trying.”

Now, Pinkett Smith is considering starting a new chapter in her life and might be interested in Tom Cruise. Yes right, she is reportedly said to be interested in catching the eye of a Hollywood superstar.

Jada Pinkett Smith is Reportedly Interested in Tom Cruise


An informant claims that Jada Pinkett Smith is actively looking for a new romantic partner on the A-list. She considers the Mission: Impossible star to be the perfect fit in the middle of that. Cruise himself is searching for a “new leading lady.” It is evident that both parties want to start a new relationship. “Jada has always raved about Tom being a true genius as well as one of the finest looking men she ever laid eyes on,” the tipster told the National Enquirer (via Yahoo).

Additionally, “They have a really strong bond,” the insider said. The insider claims that although the stars haven’t stopped communicating since their roles in the action film Collateral, “the timing’s never been right for romance.”


“But now that she and Will’s split is out in the open and Tom’s looking for a new leading lady, it makes a lot of sense,” the source added.
Jada Pinkett Smith Praised Tom Cruise in Her Memoir

In her memoir Worthy, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke highly of Tom Cruise and how he helped overcome her fears during the making of the 2004 action movie. She’s also been curious about Scientology, a faith that Cruise follows.

The insider stated, “Jada totally fits the bill—surprisingly single Tom needs to find someone who’s supportive of his religion and not intimidated by his success.”

The insider went on to say that Pinkett Smith and Cruise have many similar hobbies, such as “loving to drive fast cars, ride motorcycles, and skydive.” “Tom is one of the few people who understand how she has to live her life because of her fame,” the source said.

While this needs to be confirmed yet, looks like Pinkett Smith and Cruise might become a new Hollywood power couple.