Does Tom Cruise Hate Being Touched By Strangers?


During a red carpet event, Tom Cruise’s patience was put to the test, which may have shown his limits.

One of the most well-known actors in the entire globe is Tom Cruise. It’s no surprise that he continues to be a huge box office draw and sell out movie theaters even in an era where audiences primarily obtain their entertainment from online apps and streaming platforms given his decades-long career producing some of the most iconic movies ever, such as Vanilla Sky and Mission: Impossible. Tom Cruise epitomizes contemporary Hollywood aristocracy and what it means to be an action star in the eyes of many fans.

Despite a few setbacks to his reputation, such as his infamous couch-jumping incident on the Oprah Winfrey Show and his contentious split from Nicole Kidman, Cruise has continued to excel in the acting world. But what happened when the celebrity was alleged to have been irrational toward an executive of a significant Australian media company?

Tom Cruise Allegedly Snapped During A Red Carpet Interview

We experience both good and bad days, just like other people on the earth. But unlike most people across the world, we don’t typically record, photograph, or post our emotions online or turn them into news stories that the public can criticize and make fun of. An example would be when TV host accused star Tom Cruise of humiliating her boss in front of the camera.

The Daily Mail reported that Cruise was at a movie premiere when Jackie O’ Henderson’s boss, an Australian TV presenter and radio host, approached him. O’ Henderson claims that while at the red carpet event, she saw her employer approach Tom Cruise and place his arm on his back.

The TV presenter then explained her boss’ reasons for causally approaching the A Few Good Men star, stating that he hoped to get an interview with him for their program. Jackie O’Henderson stated that Cruise appeared in a good mood all evening, making pleasantries with other red-carpet attendees and smiling as he posed for pictures. O’ Henderson alleged that after her boss kindly asked Tom Cruise to come over and speak to her, the actor suddenly flew into a rage.

The Mission Impossible star is supposed to have said through clenched teeth, “Get your effing hands off me”.

Speaking to famed presenters Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson on the popular Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show, O’Henderson shared her experience with them and listened as Sandilands recounted another moment in which Cruise’s patience had been tested.

Kyle Sandilands relayed when Tom Cruise clapped back at journalist Peter Overton when the former was a guest on the Australian version of the popular news outlet 60 Minutes. Cruise was recorded as asking the veteran journalist for him to mind his manners when he was talking to him. Tom Cruise’s curt comment followed a series of badgering questions from Overton regarding his relationship with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman and how they reared their children.

Sandilands later stated that Cruise told the journalist his questions were inappropriate and crossed the line. Not one to be outdone, Peter Overton had replied that they were questions 60 minutes viewers and his fans would like to know the answers to.


Tom Cruise refuted Overton’s claims and stated that the journalist was nosey and the line of questioning had nothing to do with anyone else.

Does Tom Cruise Have Any Phobias?

While Tom Cruise was likely either having a rough day or didn’t appreciate a stranger walking up to him and requesting an interview, fans didn’t take it to mean that he disliked people touching him. After all, the actor has been pictured countless times, shaking fans’ hands and embracing fellow stars.
But does the most prominent action film star of all time have any fears or phobias? At first thought, it would seem that he wouldn’t, but according to Cruise, he has at least few.

In an article by The Star Magazine, the publication wrote about how Cruise once opened up about the one thing fans would be shocked to learn caused him anxiety. He stated that during the filming of Mission: Impossible Seven, he feared performing some stunt scenes but ultimately conquered his fear and completed them.

Cruise added that the action and stunt scenes behind the Mission: Impossible films were essential to the film’s plot but that audiences wouldn’t be invested in them without the actors exhibiting certain emotions and that he didn’t want fear to be the one he portrayed on screen.

What Is Tom Cruise’s Reputation In Hollywood?
According to various media reports, Tom Cruise is either extremely well-liked in Hollywood or universally loathed. There isn’t an in-between.

Actors Simon Pegg and Ben Stiller, as well as comedian Jerry Seinfeld, are just a few of the actor’s well-known friends. Many of Cruise’s co-stars have spoken out about how much they like working with him on set. Lea Thompson, Tom Cruise’s co-star in the movie All The Right Moves, said in a Metro News story that he was kind and advocated for her when she didn’t feel comfortable performing a particular sequence. Cruse co-starred in the movie Edge of Tomorrow with actress Emily Blunt, who gave him credit for helping her get back in shape after giving birth.

Tom Cruise has also faced off against other famous adversaries, like the actor Mark Wahlberg, the model Brooke Shields, and occasionally, the actor Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise and renowned director Steven Spielberg also had a conflict that lasted for more than twenty years and led to a period of silence.

The disagreement is said to have arisen from Spielberg’s unhappiness with Cruise’s fairly peculiar behavior during his press tour for their movie War of the Worlds. A luncheon celebrating the Oscars marked the end of the conflict, and the director assured Tom Cruise that he had saved Hollywood.