George Lucas Didn’t Even Look At Sylvester Stallone Before Refusing To Hire Him For Harrison Ford’s Role In Star Wars


Sylvester Stallone, a legendary actor in the entertainment sphere, has etched an unforgettable mark in the world of cinema. Celebrated for his diverse skills as an actor, writer, and director, Stallone ascended to stardom through the inception of the timeless Rocky series—an embodiment of resilience mirroring his personal path to achievement.

Portraying both underdog roles and iconic action heroes like John Rambo, he seamlessly embodied Hollywood’s rugged persona. Stallone’s impact transcends the silver screen; his philanthropic efforts and artistic pursuits further cement his role as a cultural icon, molding not only the film industry but also broader spheres of influence. But he also auditioned for a coveted role.

Sylvester Stallone Auditioned For Harrison Ford’s Star Wars Role

In a twist of fate, Sylvester Stallone himself auditioned for a part in Star Wars, vying for the role of Han Solo, ultimately claimed by Harrison Ford. However, both Stallone and Lucas swiftly recognized that the character might not align with Stallone’s strengths. The actor reminisced about his audition when questioned during an Ain’t It Cool question and answer session.

Sylvester Stallone reflected on the past, recalling that indeed, he had auditioned. However, his attempt didn’t receive a warm reception. When he faced George Lucas during the audition, it was evident that Lucas was quite shy, barely making eye contact. Stallone’s realization hit him, and he concluded, “Well obviously I’m not the right type.” In hindsight, though, Stallone found a silver lining – the situation unfolded favorably, as he humorously noted that he wouldn’t have suited the role anyway due to his unsuitability for wearing spandex and wielding a ray gun.

“Yes as a matter of fact I did and it didn’t meet with much approval since when I stood in front of George Lucas he didn’t look at me once, obviously being very shy. Then I said ‘Well obviously I’m not the right type.’ but it all worked out for the best since I don’t look good in spandex holding a Ray gun,” Stallone recalled.


As fate would have it, the role went to another Hollywood legend, Harrison Ford.

How Did Harrison Ford Land The Popular Role?

During the 1970s, Harrison Ford’s acting journey experienced a modest uptick. A pivotal moment came in 1972 when Ford, then juggling carpentry with his acting pursuits, received an audition opportunity arranged by casting director Fred Roos. The audition was for a comedy-drama envisioned by George Lucas, set in the Modesto, California of Lucas’s own formative years.

Lucas, thoroughly impressed, extended an offer to Ford for the role of Bob Falfa in the 1973 film “American Graffiti.” However, Ford laid down a condition before accepting – he insisted on retaining his own hairstyle, despite the character’s scripted flattop.

George Lucas displayed reluctance in casting actors for Star Wars from his previous project, fearing that his ambitious sci-fi creation might be perceived as merely “American Graffiti set in space.” In contrast, Fred Roos remained resolute in his belief that Ford impeccably suited the role of Han Solo. Despite Lucas’s steadfast stance, Roos made a shrewd move – he engaged Ford to construct a door at the American Zoetrope offices, the very location where Lucas intended to hold auditions.