Graham Norton Claims Mission Impossible Actor Can Put Anyone In A Spell Simply With His Presence


Graham Norton is a huge Tom Cruise fan and has several special praises for the Top Gun star

One of the most captivating and inspiring people in the world is Tom Cruise. The actor continues to overwhelm his fans and coworkers with his charisma despite his frequently controversial behavior and his affiliation with Scientology. He has thousands of fans worldwide. And it was Graham Norton, the well-known host, who made this assertion.

In a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Mayers, Norton discussed a variety of topics, including how it’s preferable to be the interviewee and how Tom Cruise frequently leaves him feeling overwhelmed.

Graham Norton Reveals Tom Cruise Leaves Him Enchanted

One of the most well-liked and talented hosts of late-night discussion shows is Graham Norton. Norton, who is well known for his hilarious sense of humor, has spoken with many famous people throughout the years. Given that he is only conversing with others, one may assume that he has become used to it by this point.

The talk show presenter discussed how he has become accustomed to his position but still has anxiety when some celebrities are mentioned, despite the fact that he has already conducted numerous interviews with them. And Tom Cruise, the star of the Mission: Impossible movies, is one of those famous people who mesmerizes and overwhelms him.

“Tom Cruise is one of those people, you know. Because normally once they come through that door and they sit down, pretty quickly, it’s just a man in a jacket or some woman in a frock, and that’s the end of it. Tom Cruise, I never get past the fact that it’s Tom Cruise. He remains Tom Cruise throughout the interview.”


Stated Norton when asked about how he feels about the many celebrities that come on his talk show, for he is one of the only small amount of people who interviews more than a couple of celebrities each time.

Graham Norton Believes That Tom Cruise Is A Star

Actors and stars are two different things. Celebrity talk show presenter Graham Norton is aware that not all actors are stars, despite the fact that all stars can also be actors. Tom Cruise is one of the few actors and actresses among the sea of famous guests, according to Norton, who was speaking about his numerous famous guests. Norton responded to Seth Meyers by discussing how he and the audience felt about having Cruise on his show.

“Audience likes that, and I enjoy that, and also, you know, the other guests, you can tell they’re all a bit starry about him and there aren’t many people like that. That kind of old star system’s kind of gone.” And even though Cruise might have had some controversial moments, nobody could deny that his star power is unmatchable and unwavering.