Harrison Ford’s ‘The Fugitive’ Director Shut Down Reporter Who Accused The Star Wars Actor Of Having No Range


Harrison Ford has ruled over the movie industry for over five decades as one of the most successful and renowned actors. The actor is a well-respected figure and an icon in the movie industry because his understanding of the role and play it flawlessly even at the age of 81 years is unmatched. With numerous blockbuster films under his name, he has cemented himself as the actor who would deliver a smash-hit performance.

Apart from his memorable role of Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, and Indian Jones in the cult classic film series of the same, he has worked in numerous genres of films. Time and again, Harrison Ford has showcased his acting range and how versatile he can be as an actor. Hence, criticizing the Blade Runner actor for his diversity would seem silly, and Andrew Davis silences a reporter for thinking the same.

Andrew Davis Silences A Reporter For Criticising Harrison Ford

Andrew Davis is a renowned filmmaker, known for his distinct storytelling skills and having blockbusters in various genres of movies, from action to tearjerking dramas, all adding to his reputation. His innate ability to build a gripping narrative led him to work with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive.

The film was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, and it grossed $353.7 million at the worldwide box office. Needless to say, the film was a massive hit both critically and commercially. However, during an exclusive interview with AVC, the interviewer stated, “I didn’t know he had that in him,” and asked Davis, “Did you? And how did you help him get there?”

But Davis was not pleased by the question, he answered that Harrison Ford was not a “dumb guy,” and he knew how to portray the role of an arrogant doctor in the film, and everyone on the set understood the tone and attitude giving a realistic performance.

“You create an environment that has a reality to it. He’s not a dumb guy. He understood what it meant to be an arrogant doctor. It just rubbed off. The marshals worked with Tommy Lee and those guys, and we got things from them. We met a real doctor in Chicago, whose house we copied. It was not hard at all.”

“I think it is one of his best performances. I really do. I didn’t have to say, “No, Harrison. Say the line this way.” There was never any kind of thing like that. There was a tone and an attitude, and we all sort of understood what the level of reality had to be.”


Andrew Davis had nothing but praise for the Air Force One actor, as it was his profound dedication and work ethic that helped the director to create one of the most dramatic and iconic scenes in the 1993 drama film.

Harrison Ford’s Commitment For His Films Are Unparalleled

In the same interview, Andrew Davis stated that Harrison Ford had an exceptional commitment to the film, and he continued explaining that the actor was sent home because he was sent back home after he worked on the film all day. However, when he heard that they were shooting the film, he returned and nailed the scene.

“In terms of his own emotional acting … there’s the scene in the beginning where he breaks down. He’s been accused by the cops, and then there’s the interrogation. He had a requirement that he couldn’t work over so many hours in terms of his workday, and he had already been sent back to go home for the night. I was going to do the coverage of the cops without him. The script supervisor would read his lines offscreen. He heard that we were still shooting, and he came back to the set and said, ‘I want to be there to play offscreen for these guys.’”

“I don’t remember if that one great shot, where it pushes in on him crying, was done because of that or if we had done that already. I think that it happened because of the symmetry of everybody being together. And the two guys interrogating him, one was a real cop and the other was a guy who had been imprisoned for killing a cop. So, there was a reality to the world we were living in and then Harrison was smart enough and capable enough as an actor to live in that world. He helped create that world.”

This commitment and love for his films has made Harrison Ford, ensure that his films will be a success at the box office. Throughout his career, he has pushed his physical and emotional boundaries so that he can be more involved in the film, ensuring that profound rewards are returned to him for his dedication and love for his craft.