Ncis Alum Teases ‘Exciting’ News Amid Return Rumors: ‘Things Are Starting To Happen’


For more than ten years, Michael Weatherly was a cherished character on NCIS. The actor’s recent social media posts have given fans hope that DiNozzo may make a comeback in the near future. Will Tony DiNozzo rejoin NCIS? Find out by reading on.

The long-running CBS police drama NCIS made its debut in 2003. The Major Case Response Team of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, which looks into crimes involving the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and their families, is the subject of the program, which focuses on the personal and professional life of special agents. The third longest-running American primetime drama series, after Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order, is NCIS.

From Seasons 1 to 13, Weatherly played NCIS special agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo on NCIS. DiNozzo was a Senior Field Agent on the Major Response Team – originally led by Lethro Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) – and served as second-in-command. He was also the partner of NCIS special agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). David was introduced to the team after their fellow agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) was killed off in Season 2.

Season 13 marked Weatherly’s official departure from the CBS drama (de Pablo left in Season 11). The actor admitted in a 2016 interview with TV Insider that he began to consider quitting after de Pablo, his on-screen love interest, left. “Their great dynamic, the badinage and sparring and flirting between those two characters and how they would swing from siblings to near lovers and back to buddies, that was gone,” he retorted. “And then I got to the point where I felt I’d stayed at the party for too long.”

The 55-year-old actor continued: “I would look around the room and other people were really in sync and having fun. The show was a huge success, but I just suddenly realized that I probably had other things that I should be doing. And then the wanderlust set in. I directed a documentary. I have a production company. And I wanted to spend time with my family.”

Weatherly described how it felt to inform his superiors of his impending departure. He stated that at first, “I think they thought I was negotiating my salary or trying to box clever.” They quickly knew I wasn’t, and I wanted everyone to have time to plan and think forward for Tony’s departure. Is Tony DiNozzo returning to NCIS then? Here’s why supporters believe he’ll be back soon.

Is Tony DiNozzo coming back to NCIS?

Is Tony DiNozzo coming back to NCIS? The answer is we’re not sure. DiNozzo could very well return for Season 21 of NCIS when it comes back (most likely in 2024 due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes). But neither Weatherly nor the show has announced anything concrete about Weatherly reprising his role.

Fans are however adamant that Weatherly’s most recent tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, is a hint at DiNozzo’s impending comeback. “Shakedown Cruise” by Jay Ferguson was shared by him, along with the message: “This song exists to remind you that one summer afternoon… in the late 1970s… life was PERFECT. By the way, I sense that things are about to take place. There will be many amazing things. Remain tuned. Listen to this while you wait.


The cryptic post comes shortly after the actor shared a photo getting the iconic “DiNozzo/Gibbs slap” (which refers to when his former boss, Gibbs, would playfully slap DiNozzo over the head). But instead of Gibbs giving him the slap, Weatherly was seen jokingly receiving the DiNozzo/Gibbs slap by a lifeguard at the pool. “Getting the DiNozzo/Gibbs slap from a friend. #lifeguard #ncis,” he tweeted alongside the photo.

People who saw the show immediately commented on how much they missed DiNozzo as well as his former co-stars David Ziva and Mark Harmon. One X user said, “We need DiNozzo and Ziva back!!!” The show isn’t the same without you, Cote, and of course Mark, another admirer said. Would adore a fresh scene using the well-known DiNozzo/Gibbs slap.

DiNozzo hinted that both his and David’s characters would have some sort of role in the 2023 season back in January 2023. “Stay tuned… for this might be an intriguing year for such “moments,” Weatherly tweeted in response to a follower who said: “We all would prefer look at you and Ziva reconciling and enjoying that moment!”

In his farewell interview with TV Insider, Weatherly said that he would return to the procedural one day “if the story needed it.” He even expressed interest in showing up in other parts of the NCIS franchise. Before he exited, he appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles. “I wanted to do L.A. because I knew I was leaving,” he admitted. “I really wanted DiNozzo to touch all corners of the NCIS universe before I had to go.”

Even if Weatherly wants to come back to the show, production for Season 21 is currently halted because of the Hollywood strikes. On July 13, 2023, the national board of the Hollywood actors’ union SAG-AFTRA approved to strike. The union represents 160,000 television and movie actors. During the strike, actors are not allowed to work union jobs, promote their respective films and shows, attend press junkets, premieres and more.

The actors’ strike comes two months after the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) began their strike on May 2, 2023. The demands requested by the actors and writers are similar: They want better compensation for TV shows and movies, increased residual payments for their work on streaming services and regulations on artificial intelligence.

Brian Dietzen, who has portrayed Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the NCIS since Season 2, posted a photo dump from his recent trip to Greece with his wife Kelly on July 7, 2023. He described his journey to Santorini, Naxos, and Athens in the post, but he also made a clue about Season 21 of NCIS production. He concluded his account of his travels by asking, “Now back to work… eventually? I’ll stay at the picket lines until then.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about when Season 21 will officially return and if DiNozzo is coming back.