Renée Zellweger Almost Had a Breakdown While Auditioning For Film That Made Tom Cruise Cry


Renée Zellweger had an extremely hard time working with Tom Cruise for a surprising reason

Renée Zellweger’s acting career has been inspiring, from her humble beginnings in Hollywood in supporting roles to her Oscar victory. Jerry Maguire, in which she costarred with Tom Cruise, was the film that gave her the big break and the fame she so richly deserved. For Zellweger, the movie served as a significant stepping stone on the road to success as a Hollywood actor.

Landing her first major part alongside a superstar was pretty intimidating for the Chicago actor, who recalled the nerve-racking moments before being first introduced to Tom Cruise. Zellweger, who was completely starstruck, had to save herself from having an embarrassing breakdown in front of the Mission Impossible star during auditions.

Renée Zellweger On Her Unforgettable Experience Auditioning With Tom Cruise

Jerry Maguire not only helped Tom Cruise receive his first Best Actor Oscar nomination, but it also played a significant role in Renée Zellweger becoming a legitimate Hollywood star. The Cold Mountain star, whose performance in the movie launched her to popularity, recounted the butterflies she felt when she first met and interacted with Tom Cruise during the film’s tryouts. In a remark that was published on IMDb, Zellweger described being so star-struck that she almost had a nervous breakdown.

“I went inside and managed not to throw up.”


Despite the initial nerves, Zellweger was happy and heartened to note that Tom Cruise was nothing like his superstar persona. The Cocktail actor’s effort to make the Miss Potter star comfortable, allowed her to ease into her role perfectly.

Renée Zellweger’s Warm Equation With Director Cameron Crowe

Despite not being Cameron Crowe’s initial choice for the leading role in his hugely successful movie Jerry Maguire, Renée Zellweger still treasures their special relationship. The Bridget Jones’s Diary star recounted meeting Crowe for the first time through a casting agency and the instant connection they shared. In a Vanity Fair interview, Zellweger stated,
“I remember I had this instant kinship with Cameron. He just felt like an old friend to me, and we share a lot of the same interests—he’s a writer who loves music. I loved spending time with him, the project sounded so interesting and fun, and I was very flattered that he wanted to meet.”

Crowe on his part, lauded Zellweger as one of the most insightful actors he had worked with, and how she embodied the character of Dorothy in Jerry Maguire to perfection, making her the apt choice for the role.