‘Sister Wives’ Fans Claim Robyn Brown Wants A ‘Big Family’ If She ‘Gets To Be The Queen Of It’


Viewers of the TLC series take issue with the mother of five’s behavior as the most devoted of Kody Brown’s five wives.

The aftermath of Christine Brown’s separation from the Brown family and its effects on the polygamist family are explored in season 18 of Sister Wives. Regarding the reorganization of their family, Christine, Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Kody Brown have all expressed conflicting emotions. Robyn, Kody’s legal wife, continues to draw harsh criticism from viewers. Fans think Robyn is being contradictory when she says she wants a “big family” if she “gets to be the queen of it.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans weigh in on Robyn Brown’s reaction to the shift in her polygamist family

The only spouse that Kody Brown has legally is Robyn. After Kody divorced his first wife Meri, they remained spiritually wed to Christine and Janelle Brown in accordance with their Christian beliefs. They later got married legally in 2014. Since Christine left the clan in November 2021, Robyn’s commentary has frequently focused on how their family culture is disappearing. She also comes off as being overly judgmental of Kody’s siblings and other family members.

However, the series’ fans believe Robyn’s commentary positions her as the Brown family’s head wife. They claimed in a Reddit post she only wants the “big family” with specific stipulations.

“Why would she ever think her house is the nucleus of the family? Because Kody lives there? Because she is the legal wife? No, kids who are now adults go where the LOVE is,” one fan wrote.

They continued, “Those home-cooked meals they grew up eating. The traditions they shared, and seeing the people they talk to regularly. They want to be around people who show them love and treat them as wanted, not just for TLC.” A second fan noted, “And don’t forget, the kids still made an effort to include Robyn’s kids in their Christmas celebration. She only wants the ‘big’ family if she gets to be the queen of it.”

“This is what it’s all about. She wanted everyone to come to her house, and Kody wanted everyone to come to him. If they didn’t come to them, they got nothing,” penned a third Sister Wives viewer.

‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown is portrayed as tone-deaf to family responses to her actions

Fans of Sister Wives are watching one of the most unpolished seasons of the TLC reality series in its 18-season history. Prior to it, it seemed as though the series covered up problems that had been brewing since Robyn Brown’s marriage into the family in 2010. However, as the clan disintegrates, viewers observe Kody Brown’s abrasive reactions to Christine’s departure and the breakdown of his friendships with Meri and Janelle. Robyn, his wife, seems to be echoing her husband’s remarks.


She frequently makes comments about how difficult this transition has been for Kody that seem tone deaf. Robyn, however, doesn’t seem to be responsible for her actions over a decade ago. For instance, Logan, Kody and Janelle’s son, launched a discussion in the group chat about the Brown family siblings’ potential gift exchange between the children. In order for Kody to see and communicate with his kids, Robyn pushed for a video chat when they chose to loop in the parents.

In a confessional, Robyn revealed, “It turned into this big fight between my kids and a bunch of the other kids.” It was, according to her, “another example of them not wanting to be family with us,” and she stated that feeling had been present “from the beginning.”

Did Robyn Brown want to live polygamy?

Robyn appeared to be treated differently by her husband, Kody Brown, ever after she wed into the Brown family. She seemed to be singled out as the most loyal spouse to the father of 18 as Kody’s first new wife in 16 years. The father of Robyn’s three elder children, David, Brianna, and Aurora, David Jessop, was the first marriage she had; while coming from a polygamist family, they were monogamous. Later, she expanded her clan to include Solomon and Ariella, whose father was Kody Brown.

Kody acknowledged spending more time with Robyn and her kids to strengthen their bond. But because Robyn behaved, in Kody’s words, as the “most fundamentally loyal” of all his wives, he was drawn to her and spent the most time there. Despite the fact that the show showed Kody visiting each of his wives’ houses, Christine, Janelle, and Meri complained this season that he was never equally generous with his time. Fans, however, consider Robyn and Kody equally responsible for not encouraging him to develop his ties with her sister spouses as he had done with her as the season progresses and more family secrets are uncovered.

Currently, Robyn is living in monogamy with Kody Brown. He is no longer married spiritually to Meri, Christine, or Janelle Brown.