Sister Wives: Meri, Janelle, And Christine Don’T Seem Wealthy, But Kody And Robyn Brown Live Like Royalty


Sister Wives viewers are confused as to why Kody Brown and his wife Robyn Brown live like wealthier people than they are, while his other wives don’t.

Sister Wives Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have always lived life a bit more luxuriously than Kody’s ex-wives Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, or Meri Brown, and many are wondering why. Throughout Sister Wives season 18, viewers have seen Kody and Robyn living in a large home and dealing with their family drama. After Christine left Kody during Sister Wives season 17 and chose to move away from the family homestead in Flagstaff, Kody has been dealing with an array of mixed emotions. He was floored by Christine leaving and came out of that situation feeling betrayed, but his emotions bled into his other relationships.

While Kody has been feeling unstable in his relationship with Christine for some time, Sister Wives season 18 has also lifted the veil from his other marriages, revealing difficult truths about his relationships with Janelle and Meri. It’s always been clear that Robyn is his favorite wife, but in watching the way they live, it’s clear that he favors their family over his others. Kody’s life with Robyn, whose home he lives in primarily, is far more luxurious than the life he leads elsewhere, leading many to wonder why he acts like royalty with one wife and not the others.

Kody & Robyn Live In A Fancy House (Janelle’s In A Cheaper Rental Home)

While Kody has land to build homes for the family on, their compound hasn’t actually come to fruition yet. While they’ve been waiting, Janelle has lived in an RV and a small apartment, which are both far less exciting than the nearly $1 million home Kody shares with Robyn. It’s been noticeable that Kody lives in a large home with one wife while one of his other wives lives in a small apartment where she can’t even host their entire family. Though Kody claims this is on Janelle, after putting all her financial assets into Coyote Pass, the apartment is the most she can afford.

Kody Wears A Luxurious David Yurman Pendant (His Exes Don’t Flaunt Their Bling)

While Christine, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn have all sported claddagh rings, their other jewelry tends to be rather minimal. Typically only wearing modest earrings or necklaces, the women in the Brown family aren’t typically ostentatious about their jewelry while Kody can definitely be. He’s often seen wearing a David Yurman pendant that retails for over $1,000, even in the most casual of settings. While Kody is wearing expensive jewelry, his wife and ex-wives have been shown concerned about money and budgeting to deal with their large family. It’s clear that Kody doesn’t think much about their financial state, especially considering his large purchases.

Janelle and Christine Push Plexus To Make Ends Meet
Throughout Sister Wives run, all the wives have become influencers in one way or another. While Robyn has spent her time running My SisterWife’s Closet in the past, it’s not often that Sister Wives viewers see her online trying to shill products or cameos. Kody’s other wives, on the other hand, are often online running their own brands. Christine and Janelle sell a wellness supplement, Plexus, online. The pair both sell the drink and vitamins alongside their daughters Maddie Brush and Mykelti Padron even though it often gets them flack from their followers.

Janelle and Christine both feel the need to sell products online to make ends meet, even though they’re on a successful reality TV series and in the past, were connected to Kody. While it’s unclear how much Kody and his wives make from Sister Wives, they have a huge family to support and have clearly needed to supplement their income in order to keep the family stable in the past. With Janelle unclear about her future and Christine moving on from her relationship with Kody, the fact that they have to worry about money enough to sell a product like Plexus while Kody coasts along is an interesting separation.


Christine Brown Can Share Expenses With Her Fiance David Woolley

Although Kody still has to deal with his finances with Robyn, he’s currently off the hook when it comes to his ex-wives. Janelle may be in a bad financial position after putting her finances into Coyote Pass, but Meri and Christine’s situations are likely very different. While it’s unclear what Meri’s finances actually look like, she does have her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, to help keep her afloat along with the paycheck she gets from Sister Wives. Things with Christine are likely somewhat more complicated, especially considering her relationship status.

Christine and her fiance, David Woolley, dove head-first into their relationship once Christine felt she was ready to start dating again. After spending nearly a year together, Christine and David got engaged and celebrated with their families together. The pair is planning their wedding slowly, but have been tremendously happy according to Christine. One benefit of her new relationship is likely that she’ll be able to share expenses with her fiance, which will likely make things easier on Christine as she moves forward in the next phase of her life.

Kody Dismissed Janelle’s Comments About Money

Though Janelle tried to make it clear to Kody that things were difficult financially for her, he was quick to dismiss her claims and try to diminish the fact that she needed help. Janelle shared that she’d put all her financial assets into Coyote Pass, which each wife and Kody own a piece of. She shared that everyone had put quite a bit of money into the project, and given that she thought she’d be spending the rest of her life in her home there, Janelle decided to go big with the plans for her new house. When things blew up with Kody, she didn’t know what to do and shared her issues with him.

Kody wasn’t compassionate or caring about the fact that Janelle wasn’t in a good place financially, and instead said that he didn’t believe her at all. He explained that Janelle has the same assets as they all did, likely talking about the money she makes from appearing on Sister Wives along with other promotional business they do as a family. While it’s likely true that Janelle has made money from her time on screen, it’s clear that Kody isn’t fully aware of her financial situation, nor does he care much. With Sister Wives showcasing just how different a financial life Kody lives, it seems likely Janelle could be telling the truth.