Sister Wives Season 18 – Kody’s Such A Coward (He Won’t Admit Robyn’s His True Love)


In Sister Wives season 18, patriarch Kody Brown’s still pretending that it’s not all about Robyn Brown. Why doesn’t he just tell the truth?

Sister Wives season 18’s been intense so far, and most of the onscreen battles are the result of Kody Brown favoring Robyn Brown. In a stunning display of cowardice, Kody stays quiet, refusing to admit that his favoritism’s led to disaster. He can’t find the courage to say that he’s emotionally a one-woman man. Did he ever love the other wives at all? Maybe not. If he did, that ardor’s long gone. Only Robyn satisfies him, but since he’s a difficult man, she’s struggling to deal with his “Kody coaster” mood swings, as per the show.

In Sister Wives season 18 (and every other season), when he talks about Robyn, Kody’s so different. He softens visibly, showing warmth that’s never in the mix when he’s discussing his other wives. He’s colder, or downright mocking, when he’s sharing “insights” about the other women. Remember when he sneeringly called them, “princesses”? Now, in season 18, Janelle and Meri Brown feel dissed. Of course, things got so bad that Christine Brown finally fled. What’s clear to everyone is the fact that Kody doesn’t want Janelle, Meri and Christine – he only wants Robyn. Nonetheless, he’s never said onscreen, “I don’t love anyone else,” and that is pure cowardice.

Did Kody Stay In A Plural Marriage For Cold, Hard Cash?

Kody may have had a practical reason for lying – money. Everyone needs it, and the show’s a cash cow. Viewers are invested in the travails of the Brown family, following their drama faithfully, installment after installment. Ratings for the Sister Wives season 18 premiere were sky-high. If he kills that cash cow, what’s left? A reality show about a married couple who argue, but don’t clash with other wives? How does that make them different from any other husband and wife? Will that really work for the series’ fans? There’s no way Kody hasn’t considered the consequences of honesty.

Nonetheless, offscreen, and not too long ago, Kody said that he wasn’t interested in marrying again. However, in season 18, he’s still playing the part of the long-suffering (at least, in his own mind) patriarch. He probably won’t get that real during this Sister Wives installment. His recent statements about plural marriage came on the heels of Robyn’s own public declaration that Kody taking another wife would be disrespectful to her. Kody, who probably does love his one remaining wife, may have felt pressured to please Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown.

Kody and Robyn are rumored to have money problems. While there’s no proof, Gwendlyn Brown said that Kody’s a big spender. He’s been spotted wearing pricey David Yurman jewelry, and he and Robyn live in a luxurious home in Arizona. Sure, Kody deserves to live well, and so does Robyn. They’ve put themselves out there for so long, enduring the kind of online hate that can make people crumble. Nonetheless, Janelle says that she’s basically broke. Are Kody and Robyn living large while Janelle plays Cinderella? If so, Kody and Robyn have done some damage.

Christine’s okay now. She’s engaged to David Woolley and fully loving life. That’s an amazing thing to see, as her marriage with Kody was draining the life out of her. Christine tried to inject some passion into their relationship and was met with icy resistance. She deserved so much more. Now, she’s got it, but what about Meri? She’s on her own, getting older, and may not have a ton of money either. In season 18, she’s supposed to be Kody’s wife. They exchanged vows! She accepted polygamy, and even gave up her legal wife title for Robyn. Now, she feels like a “third wheel,” as per episode 3.


By lying for so long, for money or whatever reason, Kody has hurt three women. He’s hurt his children too. Of course, offscreen, Janelle and Meri left him. Really, he left them long ago, by pantomiming emotions that he couldn’t even feel. There was just nothing left for the two women to hold on to.

Now, Janelle and Meri have to rebuild, while Robyn’s got everything, but what is “everything” anyway? Kody’s no prize, as he’s so short on self-awareness. He tortures Robyn with his wild mood swings, toxic masculinity and more. He may have pleasant moments, but as season 18 illustrates, they’re few and far between. The “prize” that Robyn won may just be unhappy marriage. Kody’s all about unhappy marriages, and Robyn may find that she’s the next in line. Her marriage may not survive the Battle of Coyote Pass, bitter exes, and the anger that Kody’s kids with Meri, Janelle and Christine feel.

How Can Kody Process All This Pain?

While he may not really love the wives who left, he probably cares about them. Also, his ego’s being crushed in season 18. Janelle isn’t mincing words when it comes to letting him know how his super-strict COVID rules affected her and their children. He hasn’t been present as a father, and his kids with Janelle are angry at him. Kody wants her to fix the problems with his kids, since he couldn’t do that himself, but she can’t make it all better. He has to find a way to do that himself, and it may take time.

The Brown family’s in turmoil. Relationships are messy, and Kody and Robyn aren’t even happy. No one’s thriving but Christine, who’s achieved so much just by detaching. It’s like she left a huge spacecraft in a little pod spaceship, right before a planet was going to explode. She’s floating in space, feeling freedom that must be delicious. She saved herself! Meanwhile, the planet’s about to die, and the rest of the Browns can’t get that great big spacecraft off the ground.
Sister Wives season 18 stars Janelle and Meri left Kody in IRL, but on the show, they’re still in the mire. They need to find their own little spaceships and get out. They will always be tied to Kody through their children, but their kids are getting older. Now is the time for “space flights” that free them from dealing with the disaster that’s loomed in the distance for so long.