‘Sister Wives’ Star, Meri Brown, Stuns Viewers With Heartbreaking Revelation


When Meri Brown said on Sunday that she thought Kody Brown regretted ever marrying her, she grieved the ‘Sister Wives’ audience. There was obvious agony.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown divorced formally in January 2023. However, fans of Sister Wives were aware of the breakdown of the marriage far earlier. Meri Brown is now being open about the outcome of her marriage. Meri made the unexpected and devastating admission that she thinks Kody regrets marrying her at all times. She believes, though, that she is not the only wife he regrets taking.

Meri Brown says she’s certain Kody Brown regrets marrying her

Meri Brown’s sadness permeated the most recent episode of Sister Wives. While the mother of one has moved on and seems happier than ever, based on her recent social media postings, the footage collected for season 18 shows that she had a bumpy road to get to that place.

In a confessional, likely filmed in late 2021 or early 2022, Meri Brown said she felt certain that Kody Brown 100% regrets ever marrying her. Meri was Kody’s first legal wife, and when Sister Wives started, the duo appeared to have a great deal of affection and sexual chemistry. As the years wore on, Meri was largely pushed aside in favor of Robyn Brown. Things really fell apart after she was caught canoodling with a catfish on the internet.

Meri and Kody have been estranged for years. Still, it was tough for fans to hear Meri reveal she believed her entire marriage was a sham. Kody and Meri share one child.

She thinks he regrets marrying Christine Brown, too

Meri is 100% certain Kody regrets marrying her. She doesn’t think her marriage is the only one he wishes never happened, though. Despite lamenting the loss of Christine Brown all season, Meri believes that deep down, Kody likely regrets walking down the aisle with Christine, too.


While Christine Brown’s fans have taken issue with Meri’s statement, plenty of evidence supports the assertion. Before marrying Christine, Kody and Meri considered a different woman as a potential wife. Christine herself has described her wedding day as morose. She has also argued that she was never given equal footing in her plural marriage. Kody has talked openly about how he believes Christine was spoiled and needy. He also stated that he largely married her because of her family’s social standing. In short, it doesn’t seem like the relationship was a good fit for Kody or Christine.

Despite her tense history with Janelle Brown, she didn’t offer her thoughts on Kody’s marriage to his second wife

While Meri Brown and Janelle Brown have a long and tense history together, the Sister Wives star declined to discuss Kody and Janelle’s relationship. During her bombshell interview, Meri insisted she had no idea how Kody felt about Janelle. She refused to say if she believed he regretted that marriage, too.

The Browns once insisted that Kody did not take his problems with one wife to his other wives, but that has been proven to be a lie in the past. Whether Meri knows how Kody feels about Janelle and isn’t saying it or is too out of the loop to have current information is anyone’s guess.

In December 2022, Janelle Bronw publicly announced her split from Kody Brown but appears to have ended her marriage to the father of her six children nearly a year earlier. While Janelle remains single right now, she, unlike Christine, isn’t turned off to the idea of plural marriage completely.