‘Sister Wives’ Why Fans Think Robyn Brown The Real Gaslighter


Is Robyn Brown the real gaslighter of the Sister Wives family on TLC? Fans think that might be the reality after watching last week’s episode and going back to rewatch the episodes featuring Christine announcing her decision to leave. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, this doesn’t come as a total shock to some fans as many previously accused her of being the puppet master pulling Kody’s strings.

What did Robyn Brown say or do that has fans convinced she’s the real gaslighter of the family? Keep reading for the scoop.

Sister Wives Why Fans Think Robyn Brown The Real Gaslighter

Fans were promised before the new season started that they would see a more talkative version of Robyn Brown. A source came forward and explained that Robyn was done sitting on the sidelines and watching the drama play out. She was part of the family and she wanted to tell her side of things. Thus far, fans haven’t been too impressed with what she’s had to say. In fact, some fans believe Robyn has actually been trying to gaslight them. Is she gaslighting them into believing she’s a victim caught in the drama?

In a detailed thread on Reddit, one fan first called attention to Robyn Brown stating that Christine said she didn’t want to have a relationship with Robyn or her children before leaving Flagstaff. The OP clarified Christine actually used the words “for now” because he needed time to heal from ending her marriage.


Now, fans have to keep in mind this episode was filmed during Christine’s first month after leaving the family. So, it would have just been a few months after leaving Kody. The OP argued that Robyn was twisting Christine’s words to fit her narrative.

Fired Shots At Janelle’s Boys

Next, Robyn Brown talked about Janelle’s boys. She expressed sadness in them not wanting to be involved in Christmas. Moreover, she admitted that she would have reached out if they had given her any indication they wanted to connect for Christmas.

Again, the OP clarified it was Robyn Brown who first drove the boys away. She originally expressed feeling uncomfortable and unsafe with Janelle Brown’s boys at the house. So, them not coming to the house was originally at her request.

The OP noted they went back and rewatched the episodes in question to make sure they had the facts straight before ripping Robyn Brown for trying to gaslight fans into thinking she was a victim. In response to the thread, many fans agreed Robyn Brown was both a puppet master and a gaslighter. And, they speculated she was the real reason this plural family crumbled.

Do you think Robyn Brown is a gaslighter? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and updates.