Ten Awesome And Motivating Thoughts From Bud Spencer


Born in Naples, southern Italy, on October 31, 1929, Carlo Pedersoli, also known as Bud Spencer, was raised. His career truly took off once he arrived to America in 1967, even though he had previously had offers for movies (Quo Vadis, 1951; A Farewell to Arms, 1957). He created a number of action comedies and took on the stage name Bud Spencer. The moniker combines the names of his favorite actor (Spencer Tracy) and beer (Budweiser).
The death of Carlo Pedersoli, sometimes known as Bud Spencer, occurred more than six years ago. Despite his extended absence, the fabled slapper remains one of Hungary’s most well-liked figures to this day. These ten quotes from Terence Hill’s most well-known film partner, Bud Spencer, are included in our selection below and are sure to lift your spirits.

1. About challenges: “Challenges are not for you to win, but to find out what kind of person you are.”
2. On friendship and settling down: “We have never made the mistake of settling down on the other person’s life. Friendship is love regardless of gender, and love that becomes a prison destroys friendship.”

3. About love: “Your eyes reflect my love and show me how much I love you.”
4. On defeat: “We are all ready to win, but defeat really shows us what kind of wood we are made of.”
5. About love: “Money comes and goes, but love and respect are something that, once lost, can only be regained with hard work.”


6. About the teachers: “Teachers are wonderful missionaries who have sworn to transmit their knowledge despite their miserable salaries and in the midst of a thousand difficulties. (…) At least we should think about the possibility of receiving recognition worthy of their responsible task.”

7. About freedom: “The experiences helped me to appreciate freedom. After all, if we live it day after day, without having done anything for it, we might not even be able to appreciate it enough.”
8. On the war: “I never understood what the essence of human civilization is, if we just want to kill each other all the time. The truth is that life is sometimes overwhelmed by chaos, chance, contingency.”
9. About life: “Life is a movie, the beginning of which someone told, but no one knows the end.”
10. About the ice cream: “The pistachio ran out, there was no chocolate…” 🙂