The Mummy Director Will Make A Sequel On 1 Condition Following Tom Cruise’S $410M Bomb Sinking A Potential Cinematic Universe


Tom Cruise’s movie was an attempt by Universal to revive the franchise, but the Dark Universe premiere of the studio didn’t go as expected. In an attempt to cash in on Brendan Fraser’s most recent Oscar victory, Universal Pictures appears to be getting ready to reunite the actor and director Stephen Sommers for a new entry in the Mummy franchise. Tom Cruise’s movie was an attempt by Universal to revive the franchise, but the Dark Universe premiere of the studio didn’t go as expected.

It has been over a decade since Brendan Fraser took on the supernatural in Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the movie that took Rick O’Connell’s adventures to China. Sommers, who was a producer for the third installment, is eager to return to the series. However, he has one condition to start another Mummy project.

Stephen Sommers Wants The Mummy Film To Be Set In Egypt

Stephen Sommers asserted his view that the next film in the franchise should take place in Egypt. He also noted that it’s not necessary that the entire film has to be set in Egypt. He referred to the second film as an example, where the filming began in Ancient Egypt and then shifted to London, which he believed was an enjoyable experience.

It doesn’t have to be in Egypt entirely, but it has to be there, in my opinion. For this reason, the sequel… The first part of the play takes place entirely in London, yet it begins in ancient Egypt. It’s also quite daring. We have to return to Egypt, even though I thought that going out in London at night and doing all these stuff could be really exciting and entertaining. You want him to be in the jungle, just like in Tarzan movies.”


“That’s just my personal opinion, but that’s the thing. I just love adventure movies. So yes, if I get a third Mummy movie, you’d have to have it in [Egypt]. I don’t know what percent, I’d have to think about it, but yeah, it has that feel.”

When asked about the possibility of reuniting with Brendan Fraser for another film in The Mummy series, Sommers jokingly said that he is yet to be approached for it. He also recognized Brendan Fraser’s well-deserved comeback in Hollywood, particularly after his Oscar-winning role in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale.

Will The Mummy OG Cast Return For Another Film?

The main question is who the original cast of The Mummy will face this time around if Stephen Sommers is successful in bringing them back. Is the filmmaker planning to bring back Arnold Vosloo as the corrupted priest, or will he choose a different antagonist?
Sommers also said:

“I’m not sure. I would most likely play a different [villain]. One of my closest pals, Arnold Vosloo, is someone I adore. Though I believe you would need to take some [other] action, I speak with Arnold frequently. It made perfect sense to bring him back in the follow-up, and the rules held up. But occasionally, a tiny adjustment is all that’s needed. Thus, I’m not sure; I haven’t given it much thought.

Sommers hinted that he would go with a new villain, asserting that while he likes Arnold Vosloo’s interpretation, bringing a new character would be necessary.