Tom Cruise Couldn’T Stop Laughing After Getting Into A Car Crash With Former Wife’S Ex-Boyfriend Jamie Foxx On A Film


Just another day for Tom Cruise!

Given his unwavering dedication to his profession and his love of realistic effects, Tom Cruise is willing to sacrifice his life in order to ensure the enjoyment of his followers. Unsurprisingly, however, there have also been certain drawbacks to this strategy, which have led to the Mission: Impossible Star running into dangerous circumstances and frequently suffering severe injuries.

The most dangerous event in Cruise’s career, however, didn’t occur while he was filming the famed MI series; instead, it happened while he was working on the Jamie Foxx-starring Collateral, where things got out of control during the vehicle accident sequence.

Tom Cruise Laughed Out Loud After Engaging in an Accident in Collateral

Tom Cruise has grown into one of the most popular action actors of all time during the past ten years, but he hasn’t held back when it comes to showing off his acting prowess. The Top Gun Star gave one of his arguably most remarkable performances in the 2004 film Collateral, in which Cruise played the evil Vincent. Even while the finished product was a huge success for all the right reasons, production wasn’t always easy, particularly when Cruise narrowly avoided serious injuries during the car crash scene.

Touching on the subject, Jamie Foxx, who stars alongside Cruise in the film, revealed that he accidentally rammed the car on Cruise’s Mercedes, leading to the actor’s car flying off the sets. And while this incident would’ve been traumatic for most of us, the Top Gun Star was unfazed despite hitting the car’s roof and Foxx recounted that Cruise couldn’t help but laugh after the accident. On the bright side, Cruise was content with how the shot turned in the first take. He said,


“He slammed into these cars and that’s the take. I mean he ripped them and uh.. Hard, tore up a Mercedes and we got it in one take. I thought he was going to clip the side of the thing”

This isn’t the lone time Tom Cruise was more focused on how the shot turned out rather than his own safety after a stunt went wrong, as this was also the case for arguably the best MI release.

Tom Cruise Completed the Shot Despite Breaking Ankle

Tom Cruise pulls off incredible stunts in Fallout, much like in every single Mission: Impossible movie, but he regrettably damaged one of his ankles when jumping off a building. The Minority Report actor was able to complete the sequence despite being injured, even though he was unable to continue filming for the following six weeks. He cited Slash Film.

“First two takes I went in quite hard, and it knocks the wind out of you, but it looks cool so I was like, ‘alright.’… Put my foot out literally for a split second to try to soften the impact just a hair. I looked down…I crawled over the wall just to get the past camera because I knew this is the take.”

Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any major injury during Collateral, even though his costar Foxx, who was once engaged with Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes, feared that he might’ve accidentally killed the actor.