Tom Cruise Found Himself In A Horrible Spot After He Dominated Robert Downey Jr In A Ping Pong Match


In a ping-pong play, Robert Downey Jr. acknowledged that he scared Tom Cruise away by being competitive. Given his own magnificent height, Robert Downey Jr. has frequently found himself in the company of Hollywood A-listers. And before an inebriated incident occurred during a game of ping-pong, Tom Cruise was one of his best buddies among his large circle of acquaintances.

The Iron Man star recalled an inebriated nighttime memory of playing ping pong with Tom Cruise and described how things got out of hand when they started to get competitive. Speaking about how he might have overdone it after falling short against Cruise, Downey Jr. acknowledged frightening the Top Gun star away.

Robert Downey Jr. Recalled a Ping-Pong Match With Tom Cruise

Robert Downey Jr., an actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is renowned for both his amazing work and his ability to get along with peers and coworkers. He was able to become friends with Hollywood hottie Tom Cruise because to this practice of his. So when the actor appeared on David Letterman’s show, he talked about one instance involving Cruise.
When Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise got into a ping-pong competition one inebriated night, the actor talked about how things quickly got out of control. It was supposed to be a friendly battle, but when Cruise started dominating Downey Jr., everything went wrong.

“First time I met Tom Cruise, we were at my friend’s house and we were playing ping-pong right. Cause he’s like, ‘let’s do something competitive’.”


Sharing the incident of what happened, Robert Downey Jr. admitted how Tom Cruise quickly and with ease, defeated the Iron Man actor. And that’s when things began turning horrible for Cruise.
Robert Downey Jr’s Competitiveness Scared Off Tom Cruise

When talking about the inebriated ping-pong play that night, Robert Downey Jr. was undoubtedly too intoxicated to give up his competitive spirit. The actor revealed how Cruise beat him and said that following the bout, he was furious. Consequently, Downey Jr. acknowledged what he did next in an interview with David Letterman.

We’re playing ping-pong, and I’m thrilled that he easily defeated me, 21 to 4. I did, however, jump the net. I broke this thing up into roughly six thousand parts. Definitely hammered.

Learning about how Robert Downey Jr. behaved after losing the match, David Letterman couldn’t help but laugh and ask what Tom Cruise did after that. To which the MCU actor mentioned how he definitely scared off the Top Gun actor.

“He was just feeling fear and sadness, I think. You know. He hasn’t called me since. Tom, drop a line.”

Joking about scaring off Tom Cruise who is known for his challenging nature, his competitiveness, Robert Downey Jr. concluded his story and audiences broke out laughing and applauding.