Tom Cruise Nearly Converted David And Victoria Beckham To Scientology As He Quits The Church


David Beckham’s career may have benefited from Tom’s alluring promise, but the Beckhams no longer associate with Scientology. Tom Cruise may have left the Church of Scientology, but it appears that not too long ago, he was attempting to convert David and Victoria Beckham, two of his prominent pals, to the divisive faith.

Tom nearly persuaded the Beckhams to join the Church, according to Mike Rinder, a former senior official for the Church, in his book A Billion Years: My Escape From a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology. In addition to explaining how he was able to effectively leave Scientology, Rinder’s book’s main objective was to expose the alleged atrocities of the Church.

Tom Promised David His Own Stadium If He Joined Scientology

The disclosure of a unique public image technique used by Church members to spread their beliefs to friends and eventually persuade them to join their ranks, particularly those with wealth and position, is perhaps what has attracted the most interest from his work. The author referenced the supposed incident in which Cruise tried to recruit the Beckhams into Scientology to illustrate this point.

The Mission: Impossible star Cruise, according to Rinder, offered the power couple an alluring proposal: a promise to build a stadium at the organization’s California headquarters, guaranteeing David Beckham had a dedicated space for his consistent soccer training.

“A professional-grade soccer pitch was constructed on the property at Gold [HQ in San Jacinto],” Rinder wrote. “The ground was leveled, irrigation installed, perfect turf, goals raised. A full-time caretaker was appointed from the Gold staff.”

“It was built for one purpose only: so Tom Cruise could woo his friend David to come to Gold. It never happened,” he went on.


Rinder never made it clear why the Beckhams backed out of becoming more involved in the Church, nor have they ever commented on their suspected affiliation.

Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Distancing Himself From Scientology

Not just David and Victoria are trying to distance themselves from Scientology. Several sources claim that Tom Cruise left the church due to a religious crisis, but none of them have been verified. The Mirror claimed in August that Tom had spent the most of the previous three years filming his most recent movies in the UK. He has, however, been conspicuously missing from the UK Scientology headquarters. He also hasn’t been spotted recently at the Church of Scientology facility in the heart of London.

This lends support to the theory that the actor is purposefully putting distance between himself and Scientology, at least in the eyes of the general public. Speculation started in 2021 when Tom was reportedly having a “religious crisis.”

The adult children, Isabella and Connor, that Tom shares with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, are reportedly still active members of the Church. Connor Cruise gave a rare social media update earlier this month but declined to comment on the speculation around his dad’s affiliation with Scientology. As for Tom’s youngest child, daughter Suri with ex-wife Katie Holmes, the actor apparently hasn’t seen the teen in years, though it was recently reported Tom has agreed to pay for Suri’s expenses beyond her 18th birthday, including college tuition.