Tom Cruise Told An Interviewer He Stepped Out Of Line Asking A Question About Nicole Kidman


Fans have seen Tom Cruise interviews take a drastic turn over the years. That was the situation during the famous Oprah Winfrey interview that Cruise had. After a conversation with David Letterman on the Late Show, he also got his fans talking. After the interview, Cruise was likened to Christian Bale’s role from American Psycho.

We’ll examine yet another dubious interview in the sections that follow. Even though Nicole Kidman and Tom were not together at the time, it appears like 60 Minutes journalist Peter Overton overreached himself by questioning Tom about her in this instance. The host continued to press the subject, so it wasn’t just one question. Not to be outdone, Cruise sent a warning to the host. Let’s take a look at how it all went down between the two.

Tom Cruise Wasn’t Pleased When The 60 Minutes Interviewer Kept Pressing About Questions Regarding Ex-Nicole Kidman

When host Peter Overton asked a question during Tom Cruise’s interview with 60 Minutes Australia, it was obvious that he was unprepared. It’s possible that Overtone went too far after their divorce and asked Cruise if Nicole Kidman was the love of his life. When asked the question, Cruise responded with a quick wince, asking, “What do you mean, Peter?” “How do you answer that question,” he asks again.

After the subject was posed, the interview took a different course, with Cruise visibly losing patience. Rather than heeding the warning, Overton persists in inquiring about Nicole Kidman’s happiness, whether they are still in contact, and offering career guidance to one another.

At this point, Tom had enough. He says, “You’re stepping over a line now. You know you are. Peter, you want to know, take responsibility for what you want to know. I’m telling you right now, put you manners back in.”

Overton would ask if he was out of line and apologize for the moment… However, it seems like the apology wasn’t too sincere given his words in the years that followed. As for Tom Cruise, well he might’ve hung on that grudge.

Rumors Suggest Tom Cruise Banned The 60-Minutes Interviewer From The Mission: Impossible Premiere


According to Variety Australia, Tom Cruise might’ve snubbed Peter Overton an invitation for the Mission: Impossible premiere. Overton did comment on the matter, revealing that hadn’t spoken to Tom Cruise in years, pretty much since the interview took place. Overton downplayed the situation, stating that he still has lots of respect for Cruise, despite the way the interview went between them.

“No, we didn’t get an invite, but I also had another thing to do – the 6 o’clock news. Every now and then [the interview] pops up, but you know, I’ve always said, I like Tom. I think it’s amazing what he’s done with “Top Gun: Maverick“. I’ve seen that a couple of times. “Mission Impossible”, I can’t wait to see.”

Overton continues, “And the bottom line is, he’s a great actor, what he’s done for Hollywood in a really tough period with COVID and so on, is he has put the big-screen movies back in the cinema in a huge way, and we’re all going to see them.”
Of course, Tom Cruise didn’t comment on the matter but in truth, Overton didn’t help his cause following the interview either. Instead of apologizing for what had taken place. the host stood his ground in terms of what he asked Cruise, despite clearly stepping a line.

Peter Overton Doesn’t Regret Asking Tom Cruise About Nicole Kidman

Peter Overton had the opportunity to fix matters during her appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show by talking about his chat with Tom Cruise. Host Kyle Sandilands questioned him, saying, “What were you thinking back then? when Tom Cruise is making fun of you on camera? Are you asking yourself, “How can I look respectful while maintaining control over the interview?”

Overton clarified that he felt it was a legitimate issue to ask, even though he didn’t feel sorry for it at the time. “I simply didn’t lose my cool and kept being myself. Yes, he did. I simply stayed true to who I am and answered, “It’s a fair question.” I’m not bitter toward Tom. That was one of those occasions.

As for Nicole Kidman, she has rarely spoken about her relationship with Tom Cruise. However, she did reveal to being too open about her relationship back in the day. “I was young. I think I offered it up? Maybe I’ve gotten a bit more trepidatious, but I’m always trying to be as open as possible. I just prefer to live in the world that way.”

She continues, “I’m wary at times, and I’ve been hurt, but at the same time I much prefer a warm approach rather than a prickly shutdown approach.”

As expected, both sides haven’t said much else about their relationship. The two have clearly moved on since then.