Tom Cruise’s Intense Marriage With Nicole Kidman Gets Blasted By Their $162M Movie Screenwriter, Calls It ‘Careerist Merger’


Tom Cruise has donned a superstar tag all thanks to his chartbuster films that continued to maintain his fame. While his films are bound to make headlines, his personal life has been intriguing to the public due to his high-profile relationships.

While he is aging like a fine wine, he has been through three divorces. Among his three marriages, his marital life with Nicole Kidman garnered quite attention which still interests many since the duo has not talked to each other for two decades now.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Love Ship Sailed Through Their Work

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were power couples of the 1990s who called it quits in 2001. The duo met each other in early 1990 when they starred in Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder. In the movie, Cruise portrayed the role of the race car driver, Cole Trickle meanwhile the latter appeared as his love interest, Dr. Claire Lewicki.

Their on-screen chemistry instantly caught fans’ eyes which was quite too intense that it actually reflected in their real life. The duo quickly tied the knot in a private ceremony in December of that year after the former finalized his divorce from Mimi Rogers.

They also appeared together in 1992’s Far and Away before eventually appearing together in their final collaboration as actors, Eyes Wide Shut. While this film became a topic of discussion for its provocative nature, it gained more attention when the actors decided to call it quits on their marriage. In 2001, Cruise initiated the divorce from Kidman, citing irreconcilable differences for the split. Their relationship became highlighted once again as the erotic film’s Oscar-winning screenwriter, Frederic Raphael in his book Last Post targeted the actors.


Eyes Wide Shut’s Screenwriter Criticized Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Marriage

In his latest book via Daily Mail, he took a swipe at the film director, Stanley Kubrick for casting the then-married couple for the leading roles.

He wrote,

“Was there something just a touch naïve in your idea that casting a married couple as a married couple would enable you to put ‘the truth’ on the screen?”

He continued to take a jab at the former power couple stating,

“One thing you can be pretty sure of whatever any conjugal duo may disclose in public about their relationship, they rarely let any crucial cat out of the bag.” He added, “Did you honestly suppose Cruise and Kidman were bound in genuine passion, rather than embraced in a careerist merger?”

He further pointed his fingers at Nicole Kidman stating,

“Kidman has been a star for many years for many people: can you think of a single movie of hers you wanted to see again?”

Given the casting doubt, he put forward in his book, it turned out quite interesting since the duo split after the project. However, the film received moderately positive responses from critics and moviegoers. It ultimately grossed $162 million.