Tom Cruise’s Tough Love For Emily Blunt On The ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Set!


Emily Blunt recalls her 85-pound costume panic during “Edge of Tomorrow” filming, Tom Cruise’s blunt response, and casts doubt on a sequel due to its expense.

When it comes to a good time loop, Edge of Tomorrow certainly stands at the forefront. But behind the successful sci-fi film lay heavy suits, unscripted pep talks, and the shadow of a potential sequel. Let’s take a cinematic stroll down memory lane and unravel the making of Edge of Tomorrow through the words of its star, Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise’s Advice on the 85-Pound Suit Dilemma
Emily Blunt faced an immediate challenge with the 85-pound costume designed for her role in the 2014 movie. During an interview on the SmartLess podcast, as reported by IndieWire, Blunt recalled the experience: “When you hear the word ‘tactile,’ you think that sounds nice and cozy. There was nothing cozy about these suits.” She even confessed to a breakdown the first time she put it on.

Enter Tom Cruise with some unconventional wisdom: “‘Come on, stop being such a p-ssy, OK?'” A response that caught Blunt off guard but eventually eased her into the production. That heavy suit, however, left its mark, resulting in permanent injuries to her ribs and collarbone.

$370 Million Success but a Sequel Still a Doubt?

Directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow took the box office by storm, grossing $370 million worldwide against a budget of $178 million. Despite the numbers, Blunt is candid about the possibility of a sequel, casting doubt on it due to scheduling conflicts and financial reasons.


“Honestly, I think the movie is too expensive,” Blunt stated in a previous interview. But don’t think for a second that it’s her lack of interest. “I was treated like gold,” she said, reflecting on the amazing experience of working on the film, even though it was “the hardest thing” she had ever done.

A Film to Remember: Emily Blunt’s Enduring Love for “Edge of Tomorrow”

Despite the hurdles, Blunt’s love for the film is as firm as the aliens that graced its storyline. From the daunting yet fulfilling experience of wearing that massive suit to working alongside Cruise, she’s embraced it all.

With rumors of a sequel lingering but seemingly dim, fans of Edge of Tomorrow can only hope that the financial odds will swing in favor of another thrilling time loop adventure. Until then, Blunt’s candid reflections serve as a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of a sci-fi gem.

Reflecting on the movie’s success, the challenges, the humor, and the uncertain future of a sequel, Emily Blunt’s story adds another layer to the intriguing journey of Edge of Tomorrow. Who knew time loops could be so complex?