We Weren’T Ready For Katie Maloney’S Unique New Nail Art


The cast member of Vanderpump Rules stunned us with her unexpected manicure as we were scrolling. Katie Maloney has really improved her nail art skills in the last few months. The Vanderpump Rules cast member debuted a manicure featuring spherical silver stud embellishments, silver swirls, and a light pink background back in late August. A few weeks later, the sandwich shop owner published a picture of her nails and disclosed that they were Quickies press-ons.

“Popped on some nails [from Quickies] and I feel hot again,” she wrote over a video of her new nails, again provided by her go-to press-on nail company. The style was similar to the aforementioned manicure, with a long almond shape, a pinkish background that faded into a soft white, and silver swirl designs.

More recently, Katie again shared the details of her latest manicure, this time opting for a striking print we honestly weren’t expecting.

Katie Maloney’s tortoiseshell manicure
On November 19, Katie hopped on her Instagram Stories to share a video of her fresh new nails, also explaining more details of the manicure along the way.

“New set of [Quickies]. Love tortoise as a neutral alternative,” she wrote over the photo, showing off her oval-shaped press-on nails that featured a brown and black-printed pattern.

Additionally, Katie wanted to share the details of her accessories with her followers. “Oh…rings are from [Rat Betty] she declared of her numerous silver rings that had intricate, edgy designs.

Katie Maloney’s new beauty venture in the manicure space


In October, Katie made a professional announcement: she was taking on a new business venture. In a professional photo with her hands over her face, Katie shared a professional photo of herself with her hands over her face. We spotted a dark, gorgeous manicure on her nails which tied in perfectly with her caption.

“KATIE MALONEY x QUICKIES,” she wrote. announcing her partnership with a brand of press-on nails that markets itself as: “for girls/gays/theys.”

She added: “Mark your calendars, the [Katie Maloney] x [QUICKIES] press-on nail capsule collection drops Nov. 1st, 2023 at 9AM PST/12PM EST exclusively at getquickies.com⁠.”

In the comments, Katie’s pal Ariana hopped in to write: “The way I’m OBSESSED with this,” adding a heart-eyed emoji.

When does Something About Her open?

So when is Katie going to start crafting the greatest sandwiches in West Hollywood with her immaculately groomed hands? A fresh update on Something About Her was given by Ariana.

“I know that there’s a lot of rumors and a lot of talk and a lot of trolling on the internet, but I’m telling you, we are opening soon,” Ariana stated on TalkShopLive. Although the “inside is so beautiful,” the dancing enthusiast said she and her business partners had to “deal with this outside stuff,” which included removing the front terrace.