While Taylor Swift Creates History, Clint Eastwood Vowed Never To Use Pop Songs In His Films For One Reason


For intriguing reasons, Clint Eastwood avoided incorporating pop music into his movies. Clint Eastwood is one of the few celebrities who has achieved the same level of success both in front of and behind the camera. The seasoned Hollywood actor who turned director accomplished this transfer with ease and shot to fame as a perceptive director with a distinctive visual style and soundtrack that set his pictures apart.

A feature of Eastwood’s work was the creative use of music in his narratives in iconic films like The Bridges of Madison County. The Oscar winner though, admitted that he was picky when it came to choosing melodies for his scripts. The Million Dollar Baby filmmaker is not a fan of pop music, and always tried to stay away from incorporating this genre into his projects.

Despite The Taylor Swift Phenomenon, Pop Music Isn’t Clint Eastwood’s Cup Of Tea

With Taylor Swift launching the pop music genre into a whole new cultural phenomenon, the genre is more iconic than it has ever been. In addition to creating history and serving as an example of the United States’ prosperous economy, Swift’s music has impacted a whole generation of listeners. However, seasoned actor Clint Eastwood is unimpressed with the pop music landscape. Aside from loving some rock and roll, the Unforgiven director said he most identified with jazz and blues music, having grown up in the 1940s.

Eastwood confessed that pop music was a genre that did not appeal to his sensibilities as a filmmaker. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the veteran elaborated on the obsession of incorporating pop into movie soundtracks, and why he consciously steered clear from this trend in his films.

“Yeah, I’ve tried to stay away from that stuff. There was a period when everyone was doing that. If the movie is so bad you need to spruce it up, sometimes they throw in a hundred pop songs and hope the record will push the whole thing over the top.”


Eastwood went on to add that he believed music in films must work to enhance the narrative and develop it further, and not just be used as a separate entity without a real reason.

Clint Eastwood On Using Jazz and Blues Music For The Bridges Of Madison County

When a movie’s soundtrack is done well, it can almost be considered a separate character in the story. Clint Eastwood has shown that he is an expert at choosing the right soundtrack for his movies. Self-described jazz and blues enthusiast, the Oscar-winning director skillfully incorporated music from these genres into his picture The Bridges of Madison County, in which he co-starred with Meryl Streep. Rather than utilizing hits from well-known performers like Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole, Eastwood went with songs from relatively unknown musicians in the industry like Johnny Hartman and Irene Karl. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actor-turned-director explained why he made this choice.

“Yeah, that was intentional. I love Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as much as anyone — they were fabulous singers. But I also enjoy a lot of more fringe people. I just didn’t want to get too mainstream. I also didn’t want to use the same tracks as a lot of other movies”.

Eastwood’s instinct turned out to be spot on, with the music and background score of The Bridges of Madison County becoming one of the most popular film soundtracks of the 90s.