Why Did Tom Cruise quit scientology because of daughter Suri Cruise?


Tom Cruise is recognized as Scientology’s Golden Boy, yet he appears to be leaving the faith he once adored. This might help the actor mend his relationship with his daughter.

Tom Cruise has been a prominent member of the Church of Scientology for decades, and his eldest two children have also joined. However, Cruise is said to have left the religion after allowing it to impact his life for years. According to reports, Cruise had spent the previous three years mostly in the United Kingdom filming his recent films. He was spotted in areas like Birmingham and the Cotswolds.

Tom Cruise’s relationship with his daughter got ruined because of Scientology

Tom Cruise is busy filming for his upcoming films in the United Kingdom. However, he hasn’t been photographed in front of the Church of Scientology edifice in downtown London. The Mission Impossible actor hasn’t replied to these speculations yet.

Which is surprising given how active the church has been in his personal life. Scientology is said to have played a role in his divorces from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, and it’s also said to have kept him away from his and Holmes 17-year-old daughter, Suri.

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise after 7 years of marriage in 2012, and the divorce was completed within a few weeks. Holmes received a substantial settlement of $400,000 per month until Suri is 18 as well as exclusive custody of their daughter.

According to reports, Holmes’ desire to escape Scientology had an impact on her family, and the pressure to convert fueled their divorce. Meanwhile, Suri was enrolled in a Catholic school immediately after the divorce. Cruise had agreed to grant Holmes full custody; it appeared he had also decided not to contact Suri while she was a juvenile, most likely owing to his and Holmes’ disagreement over Scientology. But now that Tom is said to be quitting the church, perhaps he’ll try to rekindle a connection with Suri, despite the fact that it’s been a decade since he last saw her.


Tom Cruise’s eldest daughter is a prominent church member

While Tom Cruise might have left Scientology, his two eldest children are still very immersed in the faith. Isabella, his daughter, said in 2019 that she was elevated to auditor, the one who asks other Scientologists about their personal lives. She claimed in a promotional video that Christianity saved her life.

Isabelle said, “It takes a few meltdowns and dashes to the bathroom to have a mini episode, but it’s worth it because you’ll get through. This is a gift to yourself as well as to so many others. It makes no difference if you are not planning to be an auditor or join the staff. If you want to be successful in the long term, you must have this. That is the truth. So quit wasting time and go to work.”

Tom’s oldest children lived with him after his divorce from their mother, Nicole Kidman, which explained their adherence to the Scientology faith. However, if the Mission Impossible actor is actually leaving the contentious faith, it may cause a schism in their relationship, while it may improve matters between him and Suri.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise was last seen in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One which was released this year in July. On the other hand, Cruise is currently working on Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, set to release next year.