You Won’t Believe One Crazy Fact About Clint Eastwood’s Worst Movie Ever


Although most people know Clint Eastwood as a renowned filmmaker, he is also a well-known actor. He has been a part of the profession for many years, waltzing between jobs with ease and creating a lasting impression. Although he has had a very pleasant journey, there have been some rough patches.

The entire film, Ambush at Cimarron Pass, was completed in just eight days during one such crazy trip. This film made Eastwood want to give up, even though it was made quickly.

Ambush at Cimarron Pass Was Made in Eight Days!

Clint Eastwood starred in the low-budget Western action film Ambush at Cimarron Pass, but it wasn’t one of his better performances. To be honest, it probably ranks lower on his list of accomplishments for which he is most proud. The actor claims that despite being shot in just eight days, it remains one of the worst experiences of his playing career. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said,

“It was probably the worst film ever made,–But I had the second lead in it, and an actor named Scott Brady was the lead. And the film was made in eight days. So it was really el speedo grande.”

Against the backdrop of 1867, the film unfolds the tale of a Calvary Sergeant joining forces with two ex-Confederate soldiers to escort a prisoner through Native American lands and Eastwood stepped into the shoes of Keith Williams, one of the soldiers, with a lot of hope in his heart. But well, things didn’t work the way he wanted.


Clint Eastwood Was Ready to Quit Showbiz After Ambush at Cimarron Pass

Clint Eastwood felt driven to leave everything behind once the movie came out in order to start over and get away from the tragedy he had witnessed. During the identical THR interview, he stated,

“And I watched the film.” I saw that when I went. It was in North Hollywood as a second feature. After watching that movie when I went to see it, I declared I was done. I have to return to my studies. I had to go on with something else. I need to find another kind of employment.I was basically getting lower and lower in my seat because it was that awful.

In a stroke of luck, Eastwood then unexpectedly found his big break shortly afterward with Rawhide. He revealed,

“And then finally I accidentally ran into somebody out at CBS on Beverly Boulevard and they were doing a Western called Rawhide. And they cast me as one of the leads.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Rawhide transformed him into a legend, making him extremely grateful he didn’t give up.